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Passmaster holiday club praised in news article

26 Apr 2024

Passmaster has been praised in an article in the Shropshire Star for some of

the fantastic work we’ve been doing with Severndale Specialist Academy.

We are proud to have played an integral part of the HAF funded holiday club

which was described as “a lifeline” for Severndale pupils and their families.

Passmaster Activity Club organiser Tina Dean said: The partnership between

Severndale Academy, Passmaster Education and Shropshire Council HAF

Coordinator Alexa Pugh has been hugely beneficial for the children and young

people of Severndale Academy.

'The children have a safe space to play and have time away from their family

with their friends during a school holiday.'

“The children and young people enjoyed being introduced to new people with

different skill sets who can offer other activities they may not have otherwise

engaged with, using the impressive school facilities at Monkmoor Campus.

"Passmaster staff have also learnt from Severndale staff, who have shared

their skills and knowledge of working with children. We have enjoyed being

integral to the success of the holiday club. We feel more faithful to our mission

of offering holiday clubs to all children regardless of ability.

'As Lead, I know our staff have grown because of this opportunity. Working

with Severndale has unlocked the potential for us to transform our

mainstream clubs to be even more welcoming to children with differences

because our staff now have a greater respect for diversity.

“Our staff have upskilled, and we feel more confident about exploring other

opportunities with Severndale. We are looking forward to being part of this

fantastic club again in the summer."

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